Why are car clubs an important part of the solution for dealing with climate change?

Because they allow people to live without having to own a second car.  Most of our members fall into this category, and we have several who don’t own a car and rely on their car club for when they need a car.

Also, apart from the monthly membership fee, you only pay for what you use, so now it makes sense to consider other forms of transport such as public transport, cycling and walking.

Very often public transport is cheaper than using a car club car, but not always appropriate or available at the desired times. 

Our members soon realise that it is in their interest to make the most of any journey by combining errands or sharing the journey with others.

This is how being a member of a car club teaches you to use a car less.  It is a much talked about behavioural change which is built into our model and most people find it comes naturally and is no big deal.

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