How it works

This page explains how to sign up for a car club, the process is the same for each of the four locations and you are eligible to book and drive any of our cars. The car must be returned to its base location unless agreement has been made otherwise with the local coordinator.

See below for how pricing and insurance works, and how you can actually book the car. If you’re nervous about charging, don’t be! Please check out our comprehensive guide about how to charge the Renault Zoe cars (all the car clubs use relatively new Renault Zoes).

Once we have processed and accepted your application form and payment you will be contacted by your local coordinator, who will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to meet and have your familiarisation session.

Once you have completed your familiarisation session you will be sent a link to the booking calendar, which will allow you to book a car any time of day or night. See this PDF for a detailed explanation of how to book the car (via a simple online calendar tool called TeamUp).

At the start of each month, the bills are complied and sent out. We ask you to pay within 7 days, preferably using online or telephone banking.

Costs: Effective from 1st September 2022

Membership fee: The current monthly fee is £0, £3 or £10 per person depending on which tariff you choose. Membership fees are refundable against your usage of the car. If you use a car at least once a month, you will almost certainly get your membership fee back.

Family Membership: This is a sub-category to Full membership, which allows two or more Full members to have just one joint account and only pay one membership fee. Maximum of 4 people from the same address.

For journeys of 150 miles or less the cost of charging is included in the price. The cars can be charged locally for free, using a swipe card, paid for by TripTo. If you drive over 150 miles and need to charge or use petrol, you must pay for the it, this is why the mileage rate drops to 10p per mile after 150 miles.

The tariffs:

Casual user tariff: no monthly membership fee. £1.50 per hour and 35p per mile
Light user tariff: £3 per month membership fee. £1.25 per hour and 30p per mile.
Frequent user tariff: £10 per month membership fee. £1.00 per hour and 25p per mile.
If the mileage driven for your entire booking is more than 150 miles then you pay a reduced mileage rate of 10p for each mile above 150. This applies to all the tariffs.

Cost example Local trip: Machynlleth to Aberystwyth and back in the EV, journey of 40 miles lasting 3 hours will cost:

Light user: 40 miles @ 30p/mile = £12 plus 3 hours @ £1.25/hour = £3.75. Total £15.75
Frequent user: 40 miles @ 25p/mile = £10 plus 3 hours @ £1.00/hour = £3.00. Total £13.00

Cost example Day trip: mid Wales to Cardiff and back in the EV, journey of 220 miles lasting 9 hours will cost:

Light user: 150 miles @ 30p/mile = £45 plus 70 miles @ 10p/mile = £7.00 plus 9 hours @ £1.25/hour = £11.25. Total £63.25
Frequent user: 150 miles @ 25p/mile = £37.50 plus 70 miles @ 10p/mile = £7.00 plus 9 hours @ £1/hour = £9. Total £53.50