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If you are joining because your organisation(s) wants or want you to use our cars for trips, please specify their name(s) here.
Family Membership allows two or more full members to only pay one monthly membership fee and is limited to a maximum of 4 people at the same address. If this applies to you, write in names of other family member(s) so we can link them to you.
• Casual user tariff: £1.50 per hour and 35p per mile • Light user tariff: £1.25 per hour and 30p per mile. • Frequent user tariff: £1.00 per hour and 25p per mile. Cost of charging or fuel is included. If the mileage driven for your entire booking is more than 150 miles then you pay a reduced mileage rate of 10p for each mile above 150. This applies to all the tariffs. Cost of charging or fuel is not included.
Please be specific: job title and business worked in or retired/unemployed if not working. We require this as certain occupations are not covered by our insurance.
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